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VAT Exemption

The order will be processed when Bentley Fielden Ltd receive a completed VAT Exemption Form through the post. See VAT exemption information (at foot of page) for full details.

VAT will be invoiced as usual on business to business deliveries.

For any order by an individual with a scooter or wheelchair, where the ramp is for personal use, the ramps can be supplied without VAT. Make sure that the VAT Exemption Form is completed and signed by the user, and sent to us with the order requirements. If ordering online, please note that the order will not be processed until Bentley Fielden Ltd are in receipt of a completed VAT Exemption Form. When ordering online make sure to press the "Buy" button in the "VAT Exempt" column. VAT is still payable on delivery costs.

(The VAT exemption form is a PDF document - and opens in new browser window - it can then be printed and/or saved)